If you have questions we want to answer them as quickly as possible!
Please E-mail us at 
For general questions or to book an appointment, JoAnn, our office manager, will get back to you almost immediately.

For a response from an inspector, Since we are usually in the field, we cannot always respond immediately.  However, we'll try!  Please leave a phone number with area code as many times we can respond with our cell phones, while we are between jobs.  Technical questions requiring lengthy answers are best handled with a phone call.  If there is a good time to call, please mention it.

Our Team of Inspectors:

Jake Vandergrift
Bobby Davidson
Dennis O'Mara
Don Stoltenberg

Please include a phone number with area code.  Your information will never be transferred to any other party.  We will only respond to your inquiries.  You will not be solicited in any way.