About Pricing and Credentials

To be a  licensed Maryland Home Inspector, you need only 50 hours of classroom training.  This can be done in a few weekends.  Beware of the lowest price or those empasizing how many photos are included.  Anyone can buy a slick looking computer generated report.  What you are really contracting is your inspector's skill in being able to tell you what you are buying.  This is a complex task requiring technical knowledge, a thorough methodology, communication skills, and, most importantly, having crawled through, climbed on, and spent many thousands of hours investigating many thousands of very different properties.  Experience is the best teacher and thats why we emphasize it.

HomePro will save you money and reduce your anxiety.  You'll sleep tight after we've guided you through your new house.

Our prices are very competetive.  Prices will vary based on
 the building type, size and price.

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